About Us


How2SaveFuel.com is an equipment manufacturer and distributor of Hydrogen on Demand and related technologies to enhance performance and save fuel costs while reducing or eliminating environmental pollution and GHG greenhouse gas emissions. We design custom made hydrogen cells and related parts, circuits, etc. for any fuel combustion engine. Hydrogen on Demand technology is based on splitting water molecules into a gaseous form to provide additional and more efficient combustion of the existing fuel. The result is greater power, torque and fewer dollars wasted at the pump. Vehicles use the resulting gases not just to burn in the combustion chamber by themselves, but also to boost the efficiency of the fuel combustion, by combining with the fuel vapor, and burning almost all that fuel that we have been wasting out the tailpipe all these years, polluting our planet.

This technology is old, over 100 years. All we’ve done is revive this dormant technology and use it to develop and incorporate a relatively simple idea into very high quality, durable, user friendly products that can be utilized by every motorist.  Although the last year has seen the creation of an avalanche in hydrogen generating designs, ours is the simplest, safest, most easily maintained and environmentally friendly.

Our Electrolizer assembly is easy to maintain and can be quickly removed for intermittent maintenance. Also unique to us, and incorporated in our construction, is a simple refill valve to speed the occasional addition of water without opening or removing the assembly.  No special modifications to the engine, computer or fuel injection systems are required for immediate performance gains. Although applying additional gas saving techniques will increase mileage, savings and eventually produce optimal results from your engine.

Besides engineering and manufacturing we install our products through a widening network of installers in the US and overseas.  Additionally we sponsor an affiliate program, a mechanics training program, and can field technical questions by phone and Email.

All in all, How2SaveFuel.com has become known as the place to go for the highest quality products and the most knowledgeable installations.  The hydrogen on demand industry leaders come to us to solve the complex design configurations and difficult installations.

Our strategy is to pull the industry and our clients with us toward the use of environmentally benign byproducts like water and our baking soda catalyst. Our customers will no longer pollute the atmosphere or pour acid byproducts into our planet’s bio-systems.

Our people come to understand that they not only can make a difference with the environment, but using less fuel means fewer oil imports, better balance of payments, and a far healthier US economy.

We are located in Northridge in the San Fernando Valley, California, USA