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Our tech staff has limited capacity to answer technical questions.
THE DATA ON THIS WEBSITE IS HERE FOR A REASON – to answer most of your technical questions.

Then, AFTER you’ve read the data, we will be happy to answer any technical question you may still have to the best of our ability.

Call : (818) 882-1189

Fax : (818) 709-7766


18017 Chatsworth St. #166
Granada Hills, CA 91344-5606

Please be specific in your written requests since we have several activities and products going on. If, for instance, we get a letter saying, “I want to know about your device” or “your link is not working”, we cannot tell which device/link etc. To help us expedite your request, please give as many details as possible.

– Your name and Order Number.
– Are you a reader? Are you an affiliate?
– What exactly do you need?

Also please describe the environment in which you’re using technology: your car model/year, engine, geographic location, etc.

NOTE: Due to the huge demand, our staff may be busy with other callers and emails.
If we don’t answer, please leave a message WE WILL CALL YOU BACK!