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Legal Disclaimer


This system is provided for Off Road/Information/Experimental purposes only.


Using this system on a running vehicle may be illegal in your country. Check with your local Emissions Control Department, or whatever they call themselves. My lawyer says this is nonsense; however I’ve heard rumors that some hydrogen-boost methods are illegal to use on public roads even in the USA. I can tell you this: the rumors come from old-timers who have suffered from suppression and harassment years ago. Things have dramatically changed since then.


Since I could not determine who’s right (maybe both), I give you this system for off road testing, as well as for experimentation outside the jurisdiction of the USA. If this technology is illegal in your country, then some licensed mechanics may refuse to install a system in your vehicle. In my humble opinion, doing it yourself may be borderline legal if you install the technology IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL VEHICLE.


DISCLAIMER - The following information presented is intended for informational/experimental purposes only. How2SaveFuel.com assumes no liability should you decide to perform any experiments, install and/or construct any devices presented of this web site. Replication based on the following documents is solely your responsibility. How2SaveFuel.com, the company hosting this web site or the site designer are in no way responsible for your actions resulting in loss or damage of any description, should any occur, as a result of the use of this web site. - DISCLAIMER






However, somebody must do something to make this technology approved, embraced and furthermore ENDORSED by all governments of the world. So if you know a government official, senator or parliament member who may be willing to support this arm of green technologies, present the issue to them and ask for their help.

For example:  Today you may fail a smog check only because the harmful emissions coming from your tail pipe are TOO LOW!  Their assumption is that there must be a hole in the exhaust pipe... This attitude is a punishment to all operators of green vehicles – and such unfair attitude must be labeled ILLEGAL by your government. It's their country and their planet, too.

Some people will tell you that petitions don't work, that politicians are all crooked and care for nothing. Such people also write “There-is-no-hope-anywhere” songs. These are lies. The truth is that, although change is hard, it can happen and must happen, but in order for it to happen, we must all do our part. Whatever you can do to help – just do it!

The wrong thing to do is nothing! Whatever you can do is BETTER THAN NOTHING. It is much better than nothing. Your small contribution may tip the scale and create an avalanche. Let's change the rules in our favor and in Earth's favor. We deserve it! Don’t you agree?



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